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December 2015

Testing Updates

· EOC retesting this week, December 7-11 at all HS campuses

· 4th and 7th grade writing will be one day—Tuesday, March 29th. Other STAAR tests 3-8 will be reduced in length by 5-8 questions (no embedded field test questions)

· SSI applies this year for grades 5 and 8 and will include both Math and Reading

· All STAAR assessments will be moving to a standard progression approach from 2015-16 through 2021-22, with smaller increases every year than previously proposed with Phase II.

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CBA Information

CBAs purpose—to be used as formative assessment data, and to inform instruction.

CBAs should not be used for a grade or increase the testing burden on a campus.

TEA Updates - As of December 10, 2015

-19 TAC Chapter 101, Subchapter CC, Division 1—Scoring and Reporting -We will be required to report whether an assessed student (STAAR, EOC) transferred into the district from out-of- state . We are still waiting to find out from TEA how we will report this. The assessment results of the out –of-state transfer students will be reported separately to school districts from the district’s other students.

-19 TAC Chapter 101, Subchapter CC, Assessment—A student in foundation high school program is to be administered EOC assessments for only courses in which they are enrolled In a Texas public school and for which an EOC assessment is administered. In addition, a student who earned high school credit for a course for which there is an EOC assessment prior to enrollment in a Texas public school and the credit has been accepted by a Texas public school is not required to take that EOC administration in order to receive a Texas diploma.

-19 TAC Chapter 101, Subchapter DD, Assessment—a student enrolled in a n ELA or mathematics college preparatory course under TEC, 28.014 (PEIMS code CP110100 for ELA and CP111200 for math), and who meets requirement for col- lege-readiness benchmark on the TSI assessment has satisfied the assessment graduation requirement for that subject area. If the student did pass the Algebra I or English II EOC after retesting but does receive a proficient score on the TSI does not have to retest the EOC. For ELA, a student meeting the benchmark on the TSI for reading and writing would satisfy both the English I and II EOC require ments. The mathematics TSI assessment will satisfy the Algebra I EOC requirement. If a student fails to meet the TSI college-readiness benchmark, the student ay retake either the TSI or the EOCs for purposes of graduation. See Figure 19 attachment for the reference chart. In addition, those students who took sepa rate reading and writing assessments for the English II EOC and who did not meet the English II assessment graduation requirement using those tests as specified by 19 TAC §101.3022(b) of this title may not use the separate TSI read ing and writing assessments to substitute for the corresponding English II EOC.

ESL / Bilingual Assessment News


TELPAS training center closes October 16th. All raters (teachers) should download and keep a copy of all training and calibration certificates

Online basic training will be required for new raters who have not calibrated in three school years.

New on-line training site will launch in January, 2016 and we will all be making new accounts. We will only have two calibrations but if a rater does not pass second calibration attempt, they will work with a TELPAS certified rater.

All calibration testing must be completed in a monitored setting—more information at training

Spring TELPAS - we will have a writing audit—more information soon

Computers will need to be updated with TestNAV 8 for spring on-line testing - Technology will work on updating campus computers

LPAC / TELPAS (ESL Lead/ Bilingual Lead Tool) Live Binder

As we get closer to testing, please be sure you are up to date on all things LPAC with our Live Binder. I will be updating this, so please check it on a regular basis.

English I EOC Provision TAC 101.1007

*****For ELLs who ―

  • have been enrolled in U.S. schools 3 school years or less (5 or less if qualifying unschooled asylee/refugee)

  • And have not yet attained TELPAS advanced high reading rating

  • When enrolled in English I/ESOL I course, eligible ELL shall not be required to retake assessment each time it is administered if student passes course but does not meet standard.


Students are not exempt from testing while in the course.

Provision does not apply to English II.

Provision is not tied to any particular graduation plan.

*****Special Provision and the Individual Graduation Committee – SB 149

ELLs who qualify for the Special Provision for English I are required to complete IGC requirements for English I in addition to the other course in which the student failed to achieve the EOC assessment performance requirements.

Mark Your Calendars...

CBA #2 December 7-17

December EOC administration—all subjects

December 7– English I

December 8-Algebra I

December 9-English II

December 10-U.S. History,


December 11-last day for Makeups

Examinations for Acceleration –December 14, 15 and January 7, 8

List of GT referrals due to Assessment Office—January 5-22

GT testing window—January 25-February 12

STAAR Alt 2 training—January 26

Assessment Dept

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