In the fall-time garden.....

Rosy morning glow; leaves are falling, falling, falling....

Late October to early November..

What incredibly beautiful days we are having!

The children are learning our songs and happily joining in!

They sing our morning songs and games together, know the "napkins on our fingertips" song for the end of meal time; the rhythm of our days, play together, take time to be alone as desired, ask for help when necessary, say "may I have more please" at the table, eat (usually), PEE IN THE TOILET (and less on the floor and surrounds).
Today Kiana took herself to the bathroom to pee THREE times during inside time, and did the whole procedure completely by herself! (Yippee for our new wooden toilet seat and bamboo stool!)

I am sad to say......

Lila and Hanah have gone to live with their parents and we do not know if they will be returning. I wish things were different for them.
We will return the $ received from those of you who have contributed to November's tuition for them, with loads of appreciation.

Remember! No school on Monday, 11th November

Thank you for sending your children warmly clothed! Everyone is clearly healthy now!