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Cloris Kylie: Magnificent - Married or Not

Cloris Kylie is the author of Magnificent…Married or Not: Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce. Cloris Kylie tapped into her knowledge about our inner power for manifestation to write this book, which is a personal guide to turning the pain of unwanted separation or divorce into a springboard for a life of meaning.

In this show Cloris discusses –

• How to heal from loss

• Divorce recovery and empowerment

• Emotional resilience and attraction

• Self-management through separation


Magnificent - Married Or Not With Cloris Kylie by Satellitelifecoaching

Stuart Young: How to Change Your Life One Day At a Time

Ten years ago Stuart Young was stuck in a dead end job with no obvious prospects when a chance meeting with a hypnotherapist became the catalyst for radical change. Within 3 months of that meeting his life was completely different. Stuart now owns his own businesses, has sold over 600 paintings, owns over £1m worth of property, married the woman of his dreams and became an author.

Stuart shares his story with Rebecca Gordon and informs us of processes that helped his transformation, including -

• The 5 step decision making process
• Silva Mind Control for optimal thinking
• The Crossing the River process


How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time With Stuart Young by Satellitelifecoaching

Jayne Evans: Kundalini Yoga Awareness

Kundalini Yoga works with on every level of the mind/body/soul. The combination of asana (posture), pranayam (conscious breathing), mudra (hand gestures), drishti (eye focus) and mantra (sound vibration) brings you to a greater awareness of your inner self; strengthening your nervous, glandular and endocrine systems, improving lung capacity, circulation and overall well-being.

Jayne Evans helps us to explore concepts including –

• Masculine and feminine energy
• Conscious breathing and posture
• Understanding your body’s energy pathways
• Your ten bodies.


Kundalini Yoga Awareness With Jayne Evans by Satellitelifecoaching

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