Helping Others

You can make a difference

Making someone's life easier is an easy thing to do.

No one really got me into helping others, It's just a thing I've enjoyed doing from a young age. It came easy to me and made me happy.

I think I've enjoyed this activity for as long as I've had friends or when I saw someone who needed help.

What I like about helping people is that I'm able to learn more about myself and others. You learn to be more understanding and a better friend.

Something you achieve by helping people is that you learn something new each time, you make a new friend or even a closer bond with your current friends.

My mom is the most helpful person I know and has always put others before herself.

I look up to my mom for that reason because she is loved and appreciated by so many people. She has made lives better or just maybe easier for the time being. That's something I want to accomplish.

Some of the top jobs include:

Guaranteed to be unique and worth it every day!

Questions I still Have

How many hours a week does a psychoanalyst usually work?

What's a vocational and why do I need it to be a therapist?

The steps to my dream job

1) Talk to a professional who works with one of the three jobs I researched

2) Ask about what education they needed to get for this job

3) Ask about the daily tasks are and what to expect when working

4) Decide to follow this path or not