Project 5: 123D Make

Press Fit

Software and Machines used:

-Auto CAD Inventor.

-Autodesk 123D Make.


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Why would this product be desirable to users? Who would possible customers?

This Product would be desirable to users, because it is a cool decoration. Possible customers would be anyone who wants a cardboard model of a submarine.

What obstacles did you face ? How did you overcome those obstacles? What would you do differently next time?

One of the obstacles I faced while working on this project was rounding off the tail of the submarine into a torpedo shape. I had no experience with Inventor before, so it was all new to me. I overcame these obstacles by getting help from the teachers, and looking up solutions on the internet. When I cut the cardboard sheet out and started assembling the submarine, I had trouble putting some of the pieces together because they were tight. Overall it was a good project.

What were you proud of in this project? What was interesting? What did you learn?

I really liked how I shaped the submarine, and the proportions of the different parts of the submarine. It was interesting exploring the different options and different ways to edit my project in Inventor. I learned the basics of creating in Inventor.
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