Super Hero to Super Zero

By Quinton west

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act allowed the US to ''exchange'' less desirable land for the Indians great land. Even though this was the worst deal ever, the Indians took it because of lack of knowledge. Jackson was told by the Supreme Court not to go through with it but he did so anyway.

Worchester V. Georgia

When the Indians finally came to their senses they went to the Supreme Court to sew Andrew Jackson for trying to force the Indians out of their home.The Indians did not believe Andrew Jackson could just trick them and take their land away. After the Supreme Court thought about the problem, they ruled it was unconstitutional. Jackson did the exact opposite of what the Supreme Court told him and forced the Indians out.

"Trail of Tears"

When the Indians were forced to leave their land they had a long and hard journey. They had to travel all the way to Oklahoma. Even though the Indians wanted to fight back they knew they should not because they did not want to start a war they could not win. So the Indians had to walk to their without fighting back.

Jackson Cartoon

This cartoon shows that Jackson does not care about the law and politics. He disobeys and does not follow directions well. This also shows that he abuses his powers and has no respect for what others are working for. This cartoon perfectly sums up Andrew Jackson's presidency.

Cherokee's Thoughts

Andrew Jackson is a terrible person and should have never became president. He has no respect for others and that is not what a leader should be like. He says he does all he can for the country but he is not the only one that lives in the country and he needs to change. All of the Cherokee hate Andrew Jackson and would love to see him leave for good.

Southerners Thoughts

We love Andrew Jackson! He is the greatest president ever. He knows what is best for our country and he knows what w need. He gives us more land, freedom, and makes us stronger as a nation. We love him so much.