Wonderful Wetlands!

What are "Wetlands"?

Wetlands are Beautiful/Wonderful types of land but they also could be called an Ecosystems consisting of Marshes,Swamps,and Fens and bogs.

Types of Wetlands

well there are mainly 4 Wetlands called Fens,Bogs,Marshes and Swamps.

  • In a wetland called "Fen" its described as an Low marshy flooded area.
  • In the wetland called "Swamp" its describe as an Low lying wetland where most water is collected,
  • In the wetland called "bog" its described as Messy.muddy,and soft meaning as it cant support heavy items.
  • In the Wetland called " Marsh its described and gets flooded during wet seasons.

Type of Plants located in wetlands

What type of plants are located in Fens,Swamps,bogs,and Marshes?

  • The types of plants located in "Fens" are mainly Swamp roses, clear weed and swamp thirstle.
  • The type of plants located in "Swamps" are mainly Poison ivy ,loose strift ,and cat tails.
  • The Type of plants located in a "Bog" are mainly lob lolly pine,holly bay,and sphagnum.
  • The Type of plants located in a "Marsh" is mainly aquatic plants. Such as Duckweed,Cattails and lilypads.

What type of problems had wetlands had for the past 30years?

Well they had problems such as :

  1. Climate Change
  2. pollution
  3. Dams
  4. people destroying wetlands
The solutions to these problems are

  • Preventing Dams
  • Saving water
  • cleaning wetlands
  • Not littering
  • Not building Houses near wetlands

The Type of Animals located in a "Swamp"

Mainly alligators,tadpoles, fish , Clay fish, and Insects are located in "Swamps".

Monday, Feb. 2nd 2015 at 1am-11:45pm


This day is National Wetlands Day!

Everyone should join together and help save Wetlands!