Native Americans

Kaitlyn Blais

Native Americans and the Whites

Native Americans have a really special past and present. Even when they were told to leave or they would get bombed, Forced to sign all these contracts about moving land, they all stuck together. Native Americans had always believed in the indian god and had so much hope. When the whites took over their land and forced to to change everything about their culture and all that stuff it was so unfair. The whites honestly wanted to have the money and the land so that new white settlers from maybe like England could come and have the land and the whites wanted to be rich. Apparently to the whites, the native americans had to fit in if they wanted to get new settlers because the way the native americans lived was “weird” apparently. The whites didn’t even give them medicine for the sick, they didn’t care if they died. They didn’t even give all the promised stuff that was in the contract when the native americans signed.

When the Native Americans had the land the whites wanted, the whites just threatened them to sign and promised them all to get their own piece of land on a reservation and they will pay them and all this good stuff when in reality, they will not be getting anything nice. The whites tried to take away culture from the Native Americans. Obviously since whites and native americans have two very different cultures and since the native americans moved to the white people's land the chief thought it would be necessary to make the native americans “white”. They changed hunting regulations, before the native americans were allowed to just go out and hunt wherever and whenever. In the new town, they were not allowed to just hunt whenever. They had special Regulations to hunting, they could either buy meat from the store or they could hunt an animal just in a pen. The Native Americans also had to chose christian names or else they shall not be called on in school, have a job, or be considered “white”. That really hurt a lot of native american people because their names had a lot of meaning to them and they had to get rid of them because the whites made them sign a stupid contract. It was not far to all the Native Americans because the Whites wanted what they wanted and they didn’t really care what they wanted or thought. “They didn’t own the land” according to the Whites.

In conclusion, the native americans have not been treated fairly. Past and present as of right now. The whites have been very unfair to all of the native americans like land. They basically forced them to sign a contract lieing to them and they never got anything in return which isn’t fair. It seems that we were fairly racist to the natives. Many native americans now live on reservations that we have set up for them, however though they are allowed to do do most of the things they used to do that they were not allowed. They still don’t have all of the rights but then again we all just kind of mixed together. Everyone is just coming together now and everyone is mixed and we are not as racist anymore. The native americans have also been in a white community so a lot of them probably just mixed into the community instead of go back to being the way they used to be.

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How did Westward Expansion affect the Native Americans

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