The Gift of Work

By: Brayden Jahns

This Job Was:

  • Babysitting my brothers and sisters.

My Responsibilities Included:

  • Watching them
  • Cooking dinner for them
  • Playing with them
  • Sending them to bed on time.

Lessons/ Information I Gained From This Experience:

  • Patience
  • How to properly care for a child

How This Job Will Help Me Prepare For The Future:

  • If I wanted to be in a teaching or in an infant care career, i would somewhat know how to care for a child.
  • To prepare me for parenthood.

In The Future, A Job I Would Like To Have Is:

  • Being an elementary school teacher.

In Order To Do This Job More Effectively, I would Have To Learn To:

  • Get A WHOLE LOT of patience
  • Teach little kids to learn more effectively
  • How to cooperate with the faculty and especially the students.

By Successfully Taking On This Job, I Should Feel:

  • Accomplished
  • Helpful
  • Experienced
  • Driven
  • Tired!!!