Geometry Honors

March 10-13

Our Week in Preview

This is what is happening this week. We are continuing to monitor our progress towards success on the Geometry EOC in May. Remember, we have goals of 4 and 5 on the EOC. Let's do this!!

We are in the home stretch to Spring Break! Give me 4 days of intense work!!

Monday, March 10

Volumes and Surface Area

How do I use the formulas on the reference sheet to calculate the volumes and surface areas of composite figures?

We will continue our work on Friday's assignment. If you have completed this already and have no questions, you may work on your pretest.

Tuesday, February 11

Volume and Surface Area

Quiz!!! Yay!!

Once you complete the quiz you will work to complete the EOC practice test.

Wednesday, March 12

Special Right Triangles Practice

How are the properties of special right triangles (30-60-90 and 45-45-90) used to find missing sides?
Warm Up - Similarity in Right Triangles Quiz
Instructional Debrief - Properties of Special Right Triangles
Partner Practice - Worksheet 8.2
Homework: Take notes on Chapter 8.3 Trigonometry
We have already learned (in middle school) how to find sides of right triangles using Pythagorean Theorem.
We are will begin to learn about finding angles and sides using trigonometry.
Take notes on the video link: Intro to Trigonometry

Thursday, March 13

Pizza Party and Culminating Review

You guys did a great job on Discovery Ed. Our class was 14% higher than any other Geometry class at RHS. We will have a pizza party, but the learning must continue.

Friday, March 14

No School for Students!!!

Enjoy your spring break!!! Take some time next week to work on your EOC review course. Remember, we want 4s and 5s on the EOC as this is a major part of your overall Geometry grade and will impact your GPA. Be safe!!