All About Me

Nimrat Purba

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Who am I?

Hi! My name's Nimrat and I am currently 15 years old turning 16 this october. I attend Louis Arbour Secondary School and I am in the tenth grade. I think of myself as a very open and outgoing person that can hold a conversation without being awkward. My friends would say that I have a good sense of humour since I can joke around but be serious when I need to.

My Life Line.

My Favourite Things.

let's talk about some things that I favourite and love. My favourite colour is red, my favourite pet is a dog, specifically rottweilers, my favourite thing to do when i'm bored is listen to music or hangout with my friends, and my favourite movie series is The Fast & Furious Series. I also really enjoy the show Friends.

Favourite Colour - Red

One of my top favourite colours is red. This colour just stands out to me and I love anything red. It is also one of my favourite colours to wear since I think it suits me and my skin tone the best.
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Favourite Pet - Dog (Rottweiler)

My favourite pet has always been a dog and ever since I was small I have always wanted to own a rottweiler. Dogs are just the cutest thing and they could be good security as well.
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Hobbies - Listen to music, hangout with friends

When I am home and bored, I usually meet up with my friends and we hangout. This is something I do on a normal daily basis now since it is summer and the weather is super nice and the the days are longer. Listening to music is something I do almost every second of my day. I constantly have headphones in and am listening to the newest songs. My all time favourite singer/rapper is Drake.

Favourite Movie Series - The Fast & Furious

The Fast & Furious Series is one of my many favourite movies. I have watched these movies many times and discover new things every time I watch. The things that attracts me most to these movies are the story lines. All of the movies are somehow connected but all have a different and unique story. I also love that the characters in the movie have a mindset of "family first". All of the characters are always putting the people they care about before themselves which I don't think you find in very many movies. Lastly, the cars in the movies are just beautiful. I don't know much about engines and cars, but I know a nice car when I see one.
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Favourite show - Friends

Friends is one of my all time favourite T.V. shows for many reasons. No matter how many times I watch an episode, it never gets old. I love the show because I feel the cast is perfect. They all get along so well, it makes me believe it's all real. I also love the show because of the humour. I have never watched an episode where I have not laughed. All the cast members have their own way of expressing their humour which is what interests me as well. I also find the story line of every episode unique. Every episode has a different story line and different problems they encounter. After watching all 10 seasons, I have grown attached to the show and was very sad when I watched the final episode.
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My Leadership Styles.

According to the survey, the results show that my leadership style is that I am a leader and persuader. This is true since I do like to make my own decisions and lead a group of people. I am very good at getting people to realize something from my point of view which makes me a persuader.

my influences.

My main influence is my brother and friends.

My main influence is my brother. He is 5 years older than me which means that he is currently 21. Since he is so much older, he has experience much more than life than I have so he is able to share his experiences with me. I can learn from his mistakes and learn from what he has accomplished in life. My friends have also influenced me in many different ways. One way being academically. Some of my best friends are best at a subject I am very weak at and they encourage me to practice to get better, do my homework, and also help me study for tests. Another way would be that they always push me a little bit out of my comfort zone which is what they are there for. If something happens, they always support me and always give me their opinion and best advice. The many influences I have in my life are the reason I turned out to be the person I am today.

Role model/people in my life

One important person in my life is my brother.

My brother is someone who is very confident and open minded. He is not afraid to say what he wants which I appreciate because I like when people are honest. I have a very close and open relationship with my brother. We share a lot of stories of situations that take place in our lives. He has taught me what is good and what is bad and things I should watch out for in life. I look up to my brother because he has been through a lot of things in life that I know about and I respect him and everything he does for me and my good.

My future

I am not 100% sure about what I would like to do in the future so I am trying to explore different options. Some options I have been thinking about are dentist and nursing. Before, I was very much into the business field and becoming a lawyer but recently for a couple months, I have been a lot more interested in the medical field. I feel like I would enjoy becoming a nurse or dentist or maybe even a paediatrician since I would love to work with kids. I would like to attend Ryerson University or George-Brown College if I would like to pursue becoming a dentist. However, if I would like to become a nurse then I would most likely attend Humber college. Even though it is college, I know many people who have went there for nursing and have well payed jobs in hospitals today.

family symbols

My family

My family currently consists of 4 people. My dad, mom, older brother, and I. I have a great small family that gets a lot and has fun together. I am very grateful for everything my family does for me. Unfortunately I do not have a current picture of my family and I but this is when there were 6 members in my family which means including my grandpa and grandma.
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Indian Flag

This flag is important because it is my parents background. It is the country they come from and lived in before they knew each other and came to Canada to start a family. My grandparents also lived in india most of their life which is also why it is an important symbol. It is my family's background.
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This is a Khanda and it basically represents my religion. The khanda is a symbol of sikhism. It means that if you believe in god, then god will always be with you.
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Bhangra is a type of punjabi folk tradition dance type. Bhangra is an important thing in my family because my cousin is on an international team called SGPD and all of us family members support him very much. Also it is very fun and a great workout!
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my quiz results

Learning Styles - visual learner

Personality - extroverted, sensing, feeling, judging

Interests - the visionary

Knowledge - physical education

Motivation - independence

Compatibility - achievement

Top 3 Occupations - Dentist, paediatrician, veteranarian

True Colours - adventurous/generous(orange), stable/dependable(gold)

Right or Left Brain - left brain dominant

Holland Code Career Test - a creator