Leadership Learning Academy 9-18-21

Dear Flyer Families,


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Friday, September 24th, our school will be uniting with our Ogden campus in bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer. On this Dollar Dress Down day, we will be wearing as much GOLD as possible. So join us by wearing GOLD!

We have a few Heroes here at LLA who have fought through cancer treatments or are currently fighting through treatments. How proud we are of them and their high spirits. Please join us in supporting our LLA Heroes and lets work together to FIGHT childhood cancer. Parents/Guardians, feel free to join the fun as well! If you post to social media, use #FLYERSFIGHT and our school to tag your photo.

Friends for Sight Vision Screening September 30th

Friends for Sight will at our school September 30th to do vision screening.

A new law passed in 2019 (UCA 53G-9-404) requires all public schools screen the vision on students in grades pre-K, kindergarten, 1, 3, 5.

If you would like to opt your child(ren) out please contact LLA's front office.


Here is a link to friends for sight website as well as a link with helpful information regarding vision screening.

Friends for Sight

EPPIC Program

Leadership Trait for September is Self-Confidence

Tip #2: Believe in your ability to improve

This video describes the difference between a growth vs. fixed mindset. Parents, if you want to learn more check out this quick video

Basically, when we have a growth mindset, we see failure as an opportunity for growth. When we have a fixed mindset, we see failure as permanent.

My Thoughts Activity

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We want to begin by thanking you for your patience as we have been awaiting additional guidance from our local and state health officials regarding COVID-19 and the upcoming school year. We have now received those recommendations and will follow the direction and guidance that has been given.

State health officials strongly recommend that every eligible student (currently people 12 years and older) be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the school year begins. For families with children too young to be vaccinated, it is particularly important that eligible family members are vaccinated. In addition, masks are highly encouraged for all students and staff while indoors. Please be aware, Leadership Learning Academy does not have authority to initiate a mask mandate. If your child is sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they should not come to school and should be tested for COVID-19. Other practices such as good hygiene and physical distancing is also encouraged.

Leadership Learning Academy will continue to take precautionary measures to maintain a safe school environment. As you are all aware, this remains a dynamic situation. For updates on the most current information regarding COVID-19 and Utah’s public schools, please visit: