PA Transition Tidbits

Updates and Events - July 2021

2021 PA Community on Transition Conference

2021 PA Community of Practice Transition Virtual Conference

Navigating the Future: A Lifetime Trip

August 11-12, 2021

Join us for a journey through the transition planning process. Throughout this 2-day conference, participants will learn how to be proactive in planning their “lifetime trip” while “filling their suitcases” with valuable resources and strategies to help youth take ownership of their future.

Participants should register for this event by visiting the PaTTAN training calendar at:

PA Secondary Transition

We are excited for the launch of the new PA Secondary Transition website, which has been jointly funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education (PDE-BSE) and Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (PA OVR).

Visit the site at:

The website is intended to be a "one-stop shop" for general information about transition, practices and resources aligned with Transition Discoveries, an inter-agency shared events calendar, and a place to share current announcements and information.

Be sure to check out the search feature on the Resource page for curriculum, assessments, and other transition resources!

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PA 2021 Fall Financial Reality Series

Friday, Oct. 1st, 9am

This is an online event.

Audience: Youth*, Family/Caregivers, Educators.


10/01/2021 9:00-11:00

10/07/2021 9:00-11:30

10/13/2021 9:00-11:00

10/19/2021 9:00-10:15

Register Here:

Please note, this event has limited capacity so register ASAP!

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US Department of Labor Releases New Financial Toolkit for Individuals With Disabilities

Secure Your Financial Future

A Toolkit for Individuals with Disabilities

This toolkit provides a path forward, based on where you are in your employment journey. Just click on any of the topic areas below — Preparing for a Job, Starting a Job, Maintaining a Job, Changing or Losing a Job, and Retiring from a Job — for answers to important questions, including tools and resources to help you meet your financial goals.

This Newsletter is Brought to you by The Pennsylvania Community on Transition

The Pennsylvania Community on Transition is a group of various stakeholders from across Pennsylvania who work collaboratively to ensure appropriate transition outcomes for Pennsylvania youth and young adults.

The Pennsylvania Community on Transition is a state leadership team consisting of representative from: the State Departments of Education, Health, Labor and Industry, and Human Services; Various Serving Agencies, Young Adults, Parent Organizations, Advocates, Higher Education, and Employers.

The shared vision and common goals of the Pennsylvania Community on Transition is achieved when all PA youth and young adults with disabilities:

  • Successfully transition to the role of productive and participating adult citizens
  • Are empowered to recognize their talents, strengths, and voice
  • Have equal access to resources that will promote their full participation in the communities of their choice.