Aboriginial Peoples of Canada

Inuit Name: Sydnie McLauchlan Block: C


  • They live in northern Canada and Alaska. Also in Greenland, and in the North Eastern tip of Siberia.
  • Winters were long and dark and summers were bright.
  • Rivers and lakes were frozen for up to 9 months.
  • Land doesn't have resources (roots, berries and tree bark)


  • Most food comes from the ocean
  • Seals were used to feed humans and dogs
  • Seals were also used for oil to heat and cook hides for clothing and tents
  • Most important resource for Inuit: blubber from sea mammals
  • Food often eaten raw because cooking fuel was precious

Social Structure

  • Families stayed grouped together in winter because group effort was needed to extract food from the sea
  • During summer they broke into family units again to hunt caribou and fish
  • Woman were appreciated a lot for making good clothing for the temperatures
  • Great equality among people


  • Never used money
  • Hunted, gathered and made everything they used


  • Inuit world was full of harmful spirits
  • Sea goddess - controlled the weather and seals


  • Rarely had large festival gatherings
  • more social interaction in winter when families gathered
  • people gathered to sing songs, tell stories and play string games like cats cradle


  • in winter, houses were made of blocks of snow into an igloo
  • houses were sealed when finished
  • seal oil lamp was lit to heat air
  • when snow was melted, it would just quickly freeze back into ice