Ms. Trevizo's Class

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This is a very exciting week in class! Students will become engaged in many different activities and lessons that will be very interesting and fun for them. We will actively work together in recognizing a new number and incorporating it into different activities in the classroom. We will also be learning about people that are special to us and their meaning through an entertaining video. It is going to be a fun filled week in class!

The Number 2!

Students will be able to identify and verbally say the number 2 when seen during the activity and anywhere demonstrated. The focus of my lesson is to have students clearly identify the number. At the end of the lesson, I expect to see students pointing out, saying, and recognizing the number whenever they see it. I expect to hear students clearly identifying and saying the number out loud. Through observable types of evidence, I will be looking for students coming to recognition of the number and verbally saying it’s name. I will expect to hear students identifying the number on their own and I will ask students to identify the number.

Someone Special to Me

Someone Special to me
I will be showing students a digital story of someone who is special to me and how that person relates to me in my life. It will allow students to learn about special people in their lives and how they are influenced by them. Upon watching and discussing the video, students will be asked to draw a picture of someone who is special to them. I will have them talk about their special person within their classmates.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to contact me. All of my information is provided below.