Welcome Back!

September 2020

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Mrs. Wulf

Hi, again! I had all of these guys last year and I am excited to "see" them again for SECOND grade. While I understand that this virtual schooling is something new for all of us, we will get through it together. Please reach out to me as needed. My working hours are 9-4, however, please let me know if these times don't work and we can schedule another time.

Contact Information-

Class Dojo-

I'd like all families to join me and sign up for ClassDojo! You can use it on any device: it is a simple, free mobile app for iOS and Android, and can also be used from a computer at: www.classdojo.com. This incentive driven program will allow our students to become self-aware of their behavior. Please accept the new invitation that was sent out, or click the link below to join!

The Bee Store will be run via Dojo this year.


What are we learning?


  • Reading- Our first several lessons target the reading skills sequence of events, compare and contrast, and author’s purpose.
  • IB- We will be exploring the theme “who we are”
  • Math- Students will practice adding one-digit to two-digit numbers through 100 using place value understanding, properties of operations, and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
  • Writing- We will begin by reviewing the basics of good writing including capitalization, sentence structure, and paragraph structure.

  • Attendance counts! School attendance is a large factor in a student’s success. If a student must miss school due to an illness or appointment, please let me know.

  • Words to know
    Synchronous - (LIVE!) teaching- please log in to TEAMS daily for these lessons.
    Asynchronous- independent work time / small groups.
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9-10 am- teaching planning / asynchronous leaning

10-10:30- Synchronous MATH

10:30-11- Asynchronous MATH

11-12:00- ELA/ RTI Block - synchronous / asynchronous
* Students will be using FAST FORWARD for RTI. More information will be forthcoming*

12-1:00- ELA / IB- synchronous

2-3:00 Virtual Office Hours

3-3:30- ENCORE Specials (see below)

3:30-4:05 - teaching planning / asynchronous leaning

*subject to change as we get more information*

*If your child receives related services, those teachers will be reaching out to you!

Encore Specials (3:00)

  • A- Chinese
  • B- Art
  • C- Music
  • D- PE
  • E- PE
  • F- PE

How to log in to District Websites-

Schoology will be used district wide for posting materials.

We will be utilizing Microsoft Teams daily. The links for meetings will be posted in Schoology.

Second Grade will be using ZEARN for math- more info will be forthcoming.

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Stanley M. Makowski (99)

Teacher- Devon Wulf

Principal- Dawn DiNatale

Assistant Principals- Jennifer Mohorter, Kathleen Schilino