Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

By: Cailey Richardson Project #8

What is it about? What is the plot of this story?

Roll of Thunder is a book about the Civil Rights faced in Mississippi. The characters were Cassie, Stacey, Christopher John, Little Man, T.J., David, Mary, Big Ma, Jeremy. The setting is in Mississippi. The rising action was when Mary and David started shopping in Vicksburg to stop people form shopping at the Wallace store which upset Harlan Granger. Also when T. J. broke into the mercantile with the Simses and was blamed for the entire break in, then when everyone came to hang him and the Avery's. The climax was when the fire started at the Logan's farm and everyone came to put it out before it reached the forest. The falling action is when the fire is finally out and it has everyone is calmer, T.J. is in prison possibly going to a chain gang, and Mr. Avery is killed. The resolution is that the days went on as they were.

Whats the Weather?

The weather report is rain, rain, and more rain. There is going to thunderstorms and watch out for that lighting.

In Roll of Thunder the beginning of the book started with the rain on the way to school in late October.

"By the end of October the rain had come, falling heavily upon the six-inch layer of dust which had had its own way for more than two months."

The rain still came on and off during the book but towards the end was where the rain really poured and lighting flashed.

"The thunder was creeping closer now, rolling angrily over the forest depths and bringing the lightning with it, as we emerged from the path into the deserted Avery yard."

Some even thought that the fire in the cotton was started because of the lighting but we later on know that wasn't the reason why.

And that's your weather report.

Interview with T.J.

We have had the chance to speak with T.J. from prison. We ave asked him about his actions and what he has to say about.

I know I have made many mistakes in the past but I have to say they are not worth it. I have been sneaky and a thief and all that but look where I am now, it wasn't worth it. I have lost my good friend Stacey, and my family all for nothing. If I could go back, I would change how I was, be a better son, a better friend. I would change the way I acted, and be a better person...

Read more on pg. 11


I think this book was a really great book. It really sowed how times were back them during the civil rights times. It showed me how hard people worked to pay the bills, more importantly blacks. It also showed me that parents could do anything to help their kids and make ends meet for them. Mary and David showed this in the book. David even went to drastic measures to save someone who wasn't his son by setting a fire on his own land. This book is really a good book and I advise you to read it.