The Nutcracker

By Emily

1800's version

The two children stared at their pile of gifts, they must have behaved quite well for they had many gifts, they were piled up on the table. Then Fritz jumped with glee and Marie made a sigh, for the children were very happy. Then Marie spotted a beautiful garment and Fritz saw a hobby horse with a headstock, he claimed it was wild and a beast.

The doorbell rang, instantly the children knew it was their godfather Drosselmeier, they ran to the table to see what they had brought them. He unveiled his gift, the children were delighted as they saw a green lawn with flowers, then they saw a castle that sparkled with windows that opened and shut, they saw golden towers with many windows, there were little people with golden faces wearing garments and wonderful hats.

Fritz said “may I go in the castle godfather” Herr Drosselmeier replied “impossible” after Fritz asked many questions always ending with the response “impossible” Fritz angrily said that his masterpiece amounted to nothing and that all his people did was repeat all they did.

The Judge was furious for he ran to the children’s parents and said “this masterpiece is not meant for ignorant children, I shall pack up my castle and leave” Mrs Stahlbaum stopped him and asked “how does this genius invention works” he pulled apart his castle and gave each of the children a doll with a yellow face.

Modern version

The children were amazed at the amount of presents they had got for Christmas they stood there wondering what they had got; they jumped in the air with excitement. The children must have been good because the table was piled high with gifts, Marie had gotten a dress and Fritz got a toy horse.

Then the doorbell rang, they ran to the table godfather Drosselmeier showed the children a toy castle with flowers and a grass field with a castle with windows that opened and shut and little people with sparkling eyes that danced and wore dresses, suits and little hats. Fritz asked if he could go in the castle Drosselmeier replied saying “no that is impossible” Fritz continues to ask questions with the answer always being “that is impossible” Fritz angrily says your dolls amount to nothing they repeat everything they do.

Godfather Drosselmeier angrily says to the children’s parents “these terrible children don’t deserve my craftwork I shall pack up and leave” Mrs Stahlbaum said “can you show me the clockwork he was delighted and gave Marie and Fritz each a toy doll with a golden face.