Acids & Bases

Tristan & Katie


Arrhenius: Generates [H+] in solution
Lewis: Accepts electron pair
The difference between Strong and Weak Acid is the ability to ionize in water and form hydrogen ions.

Strong Acids:Hydrochloric,Sulfuric and Nitric
Weak Acids: Acetic, Oxalic, Trifilic
Chemical and Physical properties: Has sour taste, Can burn skin, destroys fabric.
How to conclude if a substance is an acid: Taste it, Test Ph

Reactions, Measurements, Indicators, Acid Rain, Visuals:

You get a chemical reaction when a base and acid unite. That is called a chemical reaction. Vinegar in a salad dressing is a "real-life" example. the vinegar reacts with the base in the dressing.
You measure the strength using the Ph scale.
Ph scale range: 0-14. 0-6 being acids 7 being neutral and Bases being 8-14.

Itmus paper, methyl orange, phenolphthalein, turmeric juice, red-cabbage juice.
Change color because of chemical reaction.

Acid Rain:

Acid rain is a result of chemicals or pollution in the air being taken to the clouds and atmosphere with the rain that is evaporated from the earth.
it forms from the pollution in the air and other pollutants on earth that get taken back into the sky. when acid rain falls in the lake, it damages all the living things inside the lake. the acidity level of the water will rise killing the aquatic animals(fish) hope this helps