2016 MAP Bulletin

Volume 2 - March 2016

The countdown is on...

MAP testing time is almost here! Please read below for the latest updates. As always, contact your Site Test Coordinator, Building Principal, or a member of the C&I team with questions.

Testing Window

The district testing window is April 4th - May 13th. Each building leadership team is working hard to create a building calendar based on your number of students and computer/iPad availability. Please consult with your team for specific testing dates in your building!

Test Timing Guidelines

Updated Timing Guidelines for MAP testing can be found here: http://dese.mo.gov/sites/default/files/asmt-gl-timing-guidelines-1516.pdf

It is STRONGLY recommended that you review these timing guidelines so that you are familiar with the number of sessions in each grade level and content.

Don't know your log-in???

If you have not received your log in for eDirect, please see your Site Test Coordinator or email Katie Roe to have your log in reset. Once you have your log-in, you can review your CDT results as well as take a look at your test sessions for the MAP. (Please note: Site test coordinators are working hard to update the students in each test session. If you see "missing" or "incorrect" students, don't panic - we are getting them fixed!)

Earbuds have been ordered and will be delivered to your building for testing!

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Online Tools Training

If you have not yet started using the Online Tools Training, you should plan to do so ASAP! There is not a secure log-in required to access these. These can be accessed on any device at the following web address: https://wbte.drcedirect.com/MO/portals/mo

Note: You must use Google Chrome.

What's Next...

Site test coordinators will schedule a building test examiner meeting for the week of March 28th. This is a REQUIRED meeting for anyone involved with testing...para-professionals, regular education teachers, special education teachers, etc. If you are involved with testing in any way, you must attend.

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