Media Literacy Final Project

Internet Privacy


  1. Can stay in touch with family
  2. Can share whats happening in your life
  3. Can express you opinion

  1. Cyber bullying can occur
  2. People can get private information if posted
  3. Once something is put or posted on the internet it cannot be taken back.

3 pieces of infomation

  1. Your address
  2. Your credit card information
  3. Have you passwords secure to social media
If someone post something negative about someone that can ruin that person because he or she can lose a lot of respect for people, and just keep losing friends. Me personally I don't think people should post negative stuff about people online.


Cyberbullying is when you try to put people down online in a negative way to make youself feel better.

Ex.If you start commenting slut on a girls instagram photo

cyberbullying is usually escalated by the person either feeling down on themselves or got bored and decided to put someone else down in a negative way

The victim can either report it or go tell a trusted adult and get the situation taken care of.

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My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm

Body Image

I do not think its appropriate because every women should be happy with their body and should be able to show off their own body not a body that has been photoshoped

Media has a lot of effect because what evers on the media thats what girls and guys want to look like

Violence in the Media

I think it has a big effect on children because if they see they people can recover from violence then they might think its okay to do violence

Yes and no i think it depends on the kid

Media Usage

I think it would be hard to give up my phone because I'm always on my phone and it teaches me that we are so connected to our phones

Yes because they want to be attracted my so many people so they are someone they are not online