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The main religion is Islam. There are minorities of Christianity and other religions.
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  • Population: 35.3 million + (today)
  • Size: 168,754 mi
  • Capital: Baghdad
  • Biggest city: Baghdad
  • President: Fuad Masum


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Traveling to Iraq

Traveling to Iraq is extremely dangerous given the security situation. US citizens in Iraq are at high risk of kidnapping by terrorist groups. The only exception for a US citizen to enter Iraq is under government control.

If you were to travel to Iraq, entering from Turkey is the safest way.

National Museum of Iraq

This museum is located in Baghdad. It contains archaeological riches from Mesopotamia.

Great Mosque of Samarra

It is located in Samarra, Iraq. It was built from years 848-851.

Al-Shaheed Monument

A monument located in the capital of Iraq, it is dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war.

Map of Iraq:

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