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The main logic board is where data processing happens.

How Does a Hoverboard Work?

In today's technologically advanced society, it's not uncommon to see people whizzing by on hoverboards. Many riders and observers alike don't really have a good understanding of how these fascinating devices work, though. The article below offers a brief introduction to what makes a hoverboard go.

Detecting Movement

Modern hoverboards use tilt and speed sensors to speed riders up when they move their bodies forward and slow them down when they move backward. These work with gyroscopes, pressure pads, and switches to determine riders' bases of gravity and turn their weight distribution signals into usable data. A hoverboard's speed controls then send this information to its main logic board to be converted into a change in speed.

The Control Center

The main logic board is where data processing happens. It's like a miniature computer that controls acceleration, deceleration, and turning. It is also responsible for controlling the different user modes available on most machines.

The Role of Balance

Gravity is what allows people to balance whether they are standing, walking, or riding a hoverboard. These devices use their gyroscopes and tilt sensors to maintain a rider's center of gravity based on his or her weight distribution. Without this advanced self-balancing technology, riders would wind up falling flat on their faces when they sped up.

Built-In Batteries

A hoverboard runs off of batteries, rather than fuel. The majority of them feature lithium-ion batteries, which can last as long as several hours without charging. Most riders find that an overnight charge is more than enough to get them around for a full day.

The Wheels

The size of the wheels and their tread are determined by the rider's intended use. Those devices which are designed for use exclusively on pavement typically feature smaller wheels, while all-terrain models feature wheels sometimes as large as 12 inches with a heavier tread. This allows riders to take their boards onto the grass and other more difficult to navigate terrains.

All the Features

Many models of hoverboard have user-friendly features such as Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable user modes. These modes can make it easier for those who are new to the game to learn the ropes by setting top speeds and more. Some models also feature LED lights for nighttime rides.

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