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Why hello there. Do you think Canada is a great country to live in? Well, I think it's a really cool country to live because of you know, the syrup. This flyer is based on Canada and its current situation with immigration, demography, and the first nations. But, this flyer will also be talking about my predictions about Canada in 2060 (although I think most of the things will stay the same).
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Right now, Canada receives immigrants from over 200 countries of origin. The countries that mostly have immigrants go to Canada is China, Philippines, and India. They have around 36% of the total immigrants every year in Canada. The top ten countries: China, Philippines, India, Pakistan, United States, France, Iran, United Kingdom and Territories, Haiti, and South Korea are 56.6% of the total immigrants. The other countries are the other 43.4%.
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Demography in Canada

In Canada, the birth rate is dropping slightly each year since 2009. The current birth rate is 10.29 births per 1,000 people. The death rate is about 8.31 deaths per 1,000 people. Our Natural Increase Rate is currently 0.4. Right now Canada is in stage 4, meaning that the birth rate and the death rate is very low.
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First Nation Situation

Right now in Canada, the First Nations are still being discriminated. They are still being viewed as pests and there are a lot of arguments and misconceptions surrounding them. A lot of Canada's resources come from Indian territory, but people still mine them without a word to the natives of the area. The aboriginals are growing at a much faster rate than non-aboriginals, so we should treat them fairly now.
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Residential School

Residential schools were limited to 139 schools throughout Canada from 1831 to 1996. They were designed to "kill the Indian in the child". They were prohibited from speaking in their native language. Children were taken from their homes when they were still young. During their stay in Residential school, they were often suffering and neglected. They experienced sexual, physical, and mental abuse. About 80,000 of these "Survivors" are still alive today. Canada issued a public apology in 2008.

Immigration in 2060

In 2060, I think that Canada will get a lot more immigrants. Most of these immigrants will come from China, India, Philippines, etc. Countries with overpopulation like those countries will come to Canada looking for jobs or a place to stay. They would also come to Canada in 2060 because we will have a better economy and free health care, so that would sound really pleasing to them and they'd probably tell their friends and family to come as well, so even more people would come to Canada. So if China, India, and the Philippines are around 36% of the immigrants Canada gets right now, they would probably increase to around 46% because of their accelerating population growth.

Demography in Canada 2060

Birth Rate

The current birth rate in Canada is 10.29 per 1,000 people. That's a pretty decent birth rate and it's not really going to go up anytime soon. In 2060, I believe that it will go up. I think it'll go up because since there will be more immigrants, there will be more marriages and relationships and that usually adds up to more babies.

Death Rate

As for the death rate, it's 8.31 deaths per 1,000 people. That's pretty low (which is good!). I think it's good that we have a low death rate, I'd just prefer a much higher birth rate. Since the birth and death rate is so low, Canada is in stage 4, which means that we have a low birth rate and a low death rate. As for 2060, i think that the death rate might go up just a little bit because of all the immigrants that Canada will get by then. With all of these immigrants in Canada will have a higher death rate when these people die.

Natural Increase Rate

Canada's natural increase rate is really low at 0.4. That's really really low. Right now, with that natural increase rate, Canada will grow really slowly unless they let in more immigrants. If Canada were to let in more immigrants, and they have babies, then the natural increase would, well, increase. So if Canada actually does that then in 2060, the natural increase will for sure go up maybe to around 1.8.

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First Nation Situation in 2060

Even though the First Nations have been here for hundreds of years before us, they are still being discriminated as the "scum" of the land. I find that really weird because, first of all, they were the first people of the land and we aren't treating fairly at all. A lot of people think that they are just living off of other people's taxes and stuff like that. What they don't know is that they were/are being forced into reserves and forced to live their. Well, at least they benefit from being "status" because they are native, so they don't have to pay sales taxes and they get 7 billion dollars for their community. But, in 2060, I think that their situation will be much, much better. I think their situation will be better because with their growing population, Canada would give them more job opportunities and more land. Also, since their population is growing 3 times faster than non-aboriginals, they would also be a big part of Canada's population other than immigrants.
First Nations Children Living In Poverty - Study

First Nations Video

In this video, it tells us how many aboriginal children are in poverty and describes different solutions to solve this.


Canada 2060 by PIZZA MAN


In conclusion, 2060 is looking pretty good for Canada because all of the predictions are making Canada better overall. But currently, Canada needs to improve on some things, mostly making kids, but overall, this country will be looking good in 2060.