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December- All Schools

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Happy December!

Knowing how busy everyone is during the next 3 weeks, I will not be visiting one specific school for an entire day. Instead, I am sending this form out to all 6 of my schools so teachers can sign up for a day/time if needed.

This may include but is NOT limited to:

  • Schoolwires-class websites

  • My Big Campus-creating an engaging online classroom

  • Google Apps (Docs, Forms and Sheets, Presentations, Sites, Calendar, Gmail)

  • iPads-instructional apps, 1-Ipad classroom strategies, etc

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Chromebooks

  • SMUSD Cloud

  • Smartboards

  • and more!

If you would like to meet with me or have me come into your classroom and help teach your students about any of the above, please fill out the form below and I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule.

I will resume my normal schedule of visiting sites for full days after the Winter Break. As always, please feel free to email me if you need any help between now and then.

Thanks so much,

Christine Dixon



(760) 752-1275 x 1275

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