By Isabella DePascale

How floods happen.

Floods happen In many different ways. Four to be exact. The first one is when a river or streams water level goes above its normal level. The next one is there was too much rain. They also happen when there is a sudden melting of ice or snow. The last cause is a result of a tsunami.

Where do floods happen?

Floods happen near coastal areas and if a place is below sea levels. A example of a place that is below sea level is Louisiana. Louisiana gets a lot of floods for that reason. Also along rivers and streams. The worse floods normlly happen at river and sea coast floods.

What damage do floods cause?

Some floods may not cause much damage. But some floods do, bad floods can destroy homes and people may even die. But most floods don't cause that much damage.

How to reduce the impact on people .

You can't stop floods from happening but you can reduce the impact on you. One way is to build a dam. A dam is a block of cement that keeps water out of a area. You can also do a channel. A channel is when someone digs a path way from the flooding stream to a larger lake or ocean.

Some Fun Facts

Floods may sound bad but did you know the yearly flood of the Nile river in Africa leves

rich soil great for farming? Also lake and sea coast floods cause more damage.