Michael J. Strand

Early Life

Michael J. Strand is currently living in Fargo, North Dakota. He grew up there, but went to the University of Nebraska and St. Cloud State University. He attended St. Cloud first and then went on to UNL. Including his years in college he stayed in Nebraska for 13 years until he returned back home. He is now the Dartment Head and Professor of Art at North Dakota State University.


Michael makes his pottery look like it is from ancient civilizations. The grainy texture that he uses and the simplicity of the pottery makes it look old. The glazes are used are also natural looking. I like the middle cup above because of the way the glaze was put on. It has two different patterns that blend together well that makes the pot interesting to look at. I also like the handle that was put on the cup. It looks like the perfect size coffee cup. The two cups on the side have unique glaze patterns as well. The element I like most bout the two outside cupsnisnthr grainy texture it has.