Schedule Enrolling Students

Step 1:

  • Go to the entry point "Enroll/Transfer"
  • Enter the students ID number to search for the student.
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Step 2:

  • Select the student.
  • Select "Select and Schedule Enroll"
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Step 3:

  • A student summary will be displayed. Double check to make sure you have the right student.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Continue with New Enrollment"
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Step 4:

  • You will be asked to verify again this is the correct student.
  • Select "Yes"
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Step 5:

  • On the left side select "Additional Enrollment"
  • Select "Complete Enrollment"
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Step 6:

  • Make sure to select the correct calendar for the correct enrollment. In this case we are schedule enrolling on the traditional calendar.
  • Select "Schedule Enroll"
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Step 7:

  • Now if you were to look that student up, you will see 2 enrollments records. One "Enrolled" and one "Sch Enrolled".
  • This is correct!
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