"Fun" Revolutionary War Facts

The end result was not fun to fun.

King George

King George was 21 years old when he succeeded the throne, then ruled for 59 years (the longest ruling monarch before Victoria.
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Common Sense

Published anonymously (written by Thomas Paine) "Common Sense" was a pamphlet that spoke to all the colonists and was the first document encouraging the colonists to unite and gain independence.
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Boston Tea Party

As a response to heavy taxes, a group of 60 men known as the Sons of Liberty dressed up as indians and poured British tea into the Boston Harbor. They poured what would be one million dollars worth of tea.
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Role of Women

Women in the revolution had jobs like cooking and nurses, although some took on less conventional roles. Some women would cut their hair and disguise themselves as men and fought as secret soldiers.
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Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence announced the colonists independence from Britain and why they wanted to break apart. When a copy of the document reached New York, George Washington read it out loud before a restless crowd. Riots ensued and later in the day the colonists tore down a statue of King George III.
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