Digital Citizenship

7th period info tech Alexa Colburn

Dont say or put things online that you dont want people to see.

colleges/jobs often look at your facebook, twitter or any social network to find out more things about you.

Self image and Idenity

Digital Media- A form of electronic media where data is stored in digital form.

Digital citizenship-person utilizing information technology to engage in society.

Digital media and digital citizenship plays a big role in your life. When you get ready to go to college, they will probably try to look you up online, so will employers. Your digital citizen ship that is what people will see you for if they dont know you very well, and if your on there talking crap about everyone they will be like oh i dont want to be friends with this person they will just talk crap about me too.

Self Image and Identity

You really shouldn't put negative or inappropriate things online because if your creating a negative image for your self you wont have any friends and you will think everyone hates you and you might try to kill your self. Now it all could have ben prevented if you just wouldn't have said or posted that online.

Your digital footprint

Image- how people see you Double standard-when a situation is desireable for one group but deplorable for another.

Pros and cons of meeting new people online.

The Pros of meeting new people online is that you have friends, and new friends is always good. The cons is that they may not be who they say they are. so they may be some 50 year old with no life that still lives with his mother house that's trying to get you to go hang out with them then you'll never be seen again.

Privacy & Reputation Online
Close Up: Online Dating Scam
Digital footprint- Data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment.

Consequence-some thing that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition.