Ferry Farm Blended Learning Update

December 2015


Welcome to the December Blended Learning update for Ferry Farm.

Teacher Quote about starting Blended Learning

I never dreamed it would be this easy - I absolutely LOVE it!! I am so much more aware of who is getting concepts and who isn't because I'm working with smaller groups everyday.

-Becky Kucala

Blended Learning Classroom Teacher Blog

The link below is to the blog that the iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher of the Year writes about her journey going blended. This is the 2nd grade public school teacher in the video we showed at our last staff meeting. She is also hosting a webinar on this Thursday, 12/17 at 6 pm. The timing isn't great, but the recording will be available afterwards if you would like to check it out later.

Blended Learning Graduates

Our blended learning journey at FFES is moving right along. We now have several graduates. We define these as teachers that Sarah, Cindy, and Jen have pushed in with to support blended learning and now these teacher are working with blended learning on their own.

Our graduates:

5th Grade: Christie Roberts (math) and Heidi Sloan (math)

4th Grade: Amanda Caple (reading), Megan Covert (math), Micki Newton (math) and Danielle Velardi (reading)

3rd Grade: Bridget Sherba (math)

2nd Grade: Paulah Lee (math)

Teachers currently in the process:

3rd Grade: Becky Kucala (math), Victoria Kitt (math)

2nd Grade: Cathy Cruse (reading) and Barbara Humphrey (reading)

Ask any of these teachers about how they are incorporating blended learning in their classrooms!

Special Shout Out to Victoria Kitt!

Victoria started implementing a blended learning rotation her second week at Ferry Farm and is doing great! Below are pictures from her classroom when staff from another school came to visit to see blended learning in action!
Big image
Big image

Tech Tool of the Month

Screentcastify is a screen recording tool. This tool allows you to record what is happening on your screen as well as your voice (and a webcam of you in the bottom corner if you wish). This is a great tool for recording audio for an activity or recording directions on how to use an online tool. Students can also use this to explain their thinking.

https://www.screencastify.com/ : Website to learn more and get the chrome extension.

Student Example: 5th grade student explaining multiplication (This is only viewable if you log in with a Ferry Farm Google account)

Playlist Example: Sarah Schroeder used screencastify to record her voice reading the text on slides for students.

Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship and what we should teach our students.

Virginia State Technology SOLs and Stafford County have identified several areas in terms of digital citizenship that we should be teaching in K-5.

  • Internet Safety
  • Digital Footprint
  • Digital Information Literacy
  • Cyberbullying
  • Netiquette

Hour of Code at Ferry Farm Elementary

Below are pictures of our students participating in the hour of code. The kids were all really excited. Teachers also had great things to say about the problem solving and collaboration they saw among students.

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