April Newsletter

From the Counseling Office

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Rising 6th grade students have been working with me to register for their 6th grade courses online for the first time and it has been very exciting! For track 1, 2, and 3, the verification form will be sent home during the first two weeks of April and track 4 will receive theirs on April 20th.

Thank you for your patience and collaborative effort. We would not have done it without your support.

Mr. Decker from Salem Middle School will be visiting us to share more information about Middle School!

April 10th for Track 1 and 3 in the Media Center

May 8th for Track 2 and 4 in the Media Center

***Students who will be attending another school next year will utilize this time to explore their school's website to learn more about their school.***

Are you a volunteer at Salem?

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Salem invites all volunteers to join us on May 2nd for an appreciation breakfast. Please join us in the Media Center at 8:45.

We truly appreciate all that you do for the Salem community.

You make a difference!

April: Perseverance

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Definition: An ability to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult

When we set a specific goal, it becomes easier for us to persevere. Help your child to set a goal for him/herself. Here is a way to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

Specific-make your goal very specific

(ex. I want to get better at multiplying decimals.)

Measurable-make sure your goal can be measured

(ex. get 90% of my decimal assignment correct)

Attainable-is your goal achievable?

(ex. right now I am getting 70% correct--> I want to get up to 90%)


Time-bound-make sure you make your goal time-specific!

(ex. by the end of 3rd quarter)

** A SMART goal worksheet can be found HERE.**

How can we demonstrate perseverance?

  • We can persevere to come to school every day even when we don't feel like coming to school.
  • We can persevere to finish our assignments even when we are too tired.
  • We can persevere to do the right thing even when others disagree.
  • We can persevere through the tough times instead of giving up.
  • We can persevere together as a community to continue our good work even when we do not see an immediate result.

Do you remember a time when you demonstrated perseverance in your own life? Please share your personal story with your child. That might inspire your child to persevere!

Looking for more information?

Please go to salemschoolcounseling.weebly.org to find out more information about the counseling program at Salem. I try my best to update the website as often as I can so that you are fully informed of the counseling department.