The Problem with Industrialization

China's Impact on Air and Water Pollution

What's Wrong with China?

China has a population of 1.2 billion people, the most in the world. With their high population, it is necessary for more urban cities across the country to provide more jobs. Sometimes the cities don't do too well and they become ghost cities. Along with the ghost cities, China holds a lot of manufacturing plants across the country as it is one of the highest exporting countries in the world. Those plants release toxins into the air and get into the water as well.

China's Water Pollution

China just recently added the Three Gorges Dam along the Yangtze River in southern China. The Dam blocks the flow of the river, creating a reservoir behind the dam. The reservoir is expected to flood cities and ancient landmarks along the river, losing them forever. In those cities could be power plants and would release chemicals into the reservoir, making the water unsafe.

China's Land Pollution

With all the pollution in the air, China experiences acid rain falling from the sky, and the land absorbs the rain. When the acid rain gets into the soil, plants die because they can't handle the acidification.

Why These Problems are Related?

These problems that China has are related in the fact that they both pollute the land, water, and the air, creating a very unsafe environment for people to live in.


1. Why is China facing future problems for the environment?

2. What has China done to create these problems and how will it affect the future of the country?