The Bully

by: Paul Langan

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My Summary

In The Bully, Darrel Mercer, a boy from Philadelphia, has to move away from his friends and go to California to live with his uncle because of family business. He then meets Amberlynn Bailey, his crush and Tyray Hobbs, his bully and thats when everything changes. In the end He joins the wrestling team and finally becomes the boy He had wanted to be.

Character Analysis

Once Darrel Mercer joined the wrestling team he became more confident then he was when he first arrived. He's gotten stronger because of wrestling as well. He is also growing a lot more than he was in Philadelphia.
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Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in 1972, in the state of Philadelphia. He attended public schools and in 1991 enrolled at Camden County College. Then two years later transferred to La Salle University. In college he took a writing and english course and more recently he completed a masters degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania.
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Book Comparison

Pitch Perfect is like The Bully because they both involve mean comments towards other people, a little bit of romance, take place in/at a school, involve new people, have a main character girl whose name starts with an A, and they both involve conflicts that majorly effect the story.