Radical Scientific Equipments Pvt.L

Microscope Manufacturer and Exporter

Metallurgical Microscope

Observation Head - Siedentopf Binocular observation head with adjustable eye piece separation.

Stand - Inverted microscope stand, complete with built-in transformer, calibrated light intensity control, socket and fuse holder

Stage - Graduated mechanical stage, 150x160mm in size, offers 30x30mm cross section motion reading to 0.1mm by vernier. Provided with low coaxial controls.

Illumination - Brightfield vertical illuminator 6V-20W Halogen with aperture diaphragm, filter slots and bulb centring mechanism.

Polarising - Built-in rotatable analyser and lamp polariser filters are provided for dark field illumination.

Eyepieces - Wide field HKW 10x

Objectives - M5x (N.A.0.12), M10x(N.A.0.25), M20x(N.A.0.40) and M40x(N.A.0.65).

Magnification - 50X-400X for visual observation, 20X-165X for 35mm photography and 50X-400X for polaroid photography

Photo Mechanism - Built-in optical path selector (flip-in type) and built-in deviating mirror to direct light to camera. 4X photo-tube for 35mm camera is included

Accessories - Stage clip, 3 stage insert plates (opening 15, 25 and graduated 25 phi-mm), green and blue filters, bulb cord, line cord & spare bulbs.