spelling words and small moment

a little reminder...

Spelling Test

Tomorrow will be our first spelling and vocabulary test for the year. Please be sure to review tonight! The test, as you know, will consist of the 5 designated words on your child's sheet in his/her black notebook, plus five of the 25 kindergarten words that he/she mastered last year. Future spelling tests will consist of the 5 designated words for that week, plus 5 previously tested words (or kindergarten words). Any reversed letter will count off 2 points so please practice.


no, is, can, me, you, and, he, at, a, so, on, to, my, in, up, am, we, like, see, I, go, it, do, an, the

Vocabulary Test

Our first vocabulary test will be tomorrow as well. The children will simply look at a list of the designated words and read them to us.

Small Moment

Tomorrow, during our writing time, the children will write "a small moment." There is a detailed explanation of this in his/her black notebook in the plastic sheet protectors. Please practice tonight orally going over what he/she could write tomorrow. This will help with the "I don't know what to write" and the frustration that "not knowing" may bring. I will also give ideas and will model my story before the children write. Please discuss other elements of their story as well...using complete sentences, using details, capitals, periods, etc.
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