The Hunting Ground

Truth behind Colleges

Purpose & Thesis

The purpose of this film was to inform people that colleges most of the time do not help victims from sexual assault, they successfully achieved this by using logos, pathos and statistics.

Athletes (logos)

In the documentary people would basically tell the victim to not even try to do anything towards the rapist because no one would take her seriously, in towns they would not care because of how of a fan they are of football. they often take the side of the athlete because of all his fame. Colleges have a rule that athletes cannot be contacted on the field or at lockers. It seems that the athletes are more protected than the victims themselves. Logos was showed when you see that statistics of what actually happens to the athletes that assault women in college.


Victims (Pathos)

Often victims of sexual assault in colleges don't get taken serious and even blamed for why they got assaulted. Victims can go to get help from the college but they will ask them questions that basically tell them it is their fault for what they were wearing or what they did that night. Colleges don't take victims serious because they don't want the college reputation to be ruined by the assaults. No one would want to go to that college knowing what has happened. Victims sometimes rather not talk because they get more of the fault of it than the person who harmed them. Pathos was showed when they would show the victims crying explaining their stories and how much it had impacted their life since then.


In conclusion, most colleges hide the stories about victims that get assaulted on college and what is worse is that they hide it and do not do anything to help the victim. Colleges for the most part rather not do or say anything and act like nothing happened so it wont affect the college.