Scientific Revolution

Naysia Watson 1st period

What was it ?

a major change in European thought , starting in the mid-1500 , in which the study of the natural world began to be characterized by careful observation. it challenged the way ideas of the ancient thinkers , some of their ways of thinking even came frome their beliefs.

What was the change ?

it was a change in the earth ,

Who were the people associated?

Isaac Newton

saw the apple fall off the tree , then he created the gravity theory , in his gravity laws he explained how physical laws of motion both on earth and in the heavens. according to his laws , every object in the universe attracts every other object , but the degreea of attraction depends on the mass of the object.

How did the change impact society ?

It changed the way people thought about the world around them , because it was a change in earth and it changed what people thought about what was going on around them. It was a lot of observation about earth and of course the people want to know what's happening. It was a change in society because I bet that this was the main topic of discussion. There were a lot if new , crazy . and different ideas getting thrown around and people really didn't know who to believe

How did it change evident in today's society ?

The scientific revolution has impacted us today , because we still use the scientific method to do experiments for math and science material. Newton explained to us in his three laws how the universe work , it explains how people can walk and where thing come from. The help from the people associated with the scientific revolution helped toward the development of the technology and natural science. But I think this was a major impact in the medical fields. Medical procedures are more helpful and effective because of the scientific revolution.