2015 Year Review Dejaun Greene Pd.6

2 best products , 2 worst products

1.)Hover Board ,very popular instantly

2.)XboxOne ,much needed upgrade from the original xbox

1.)Ps4, overrated

2.)Madden 16, no fun at all

Top 2 movies

1.)Concusion ,very exciting movie true story and it was marketed from tv commercials

2.)Creed ,very exciting movie it was fun and interesting to watch and it was marketed from tv commercials

1.) Personal favorite , Shy Glizzy

2.) Lil Bibby

Both marketed themselves on social media networks A LOT and mixtapes etc.

New years resolution

Personal Improvement-Want to keep improving on my personal desires

Family and friends-Cut down on friends that i dont need

School and the outside world- Better grades and a better person all around

My top 5 of 2015's top 10

1.) song "Yoga" by Janelle Monae

2.)song "classic man" by Jidhenna

3.)song "Hotline bling" by Drake

4.)song "the hills" by The Weeknd

5.)song "want to want me" by Jason Derulo