StingRay Optics

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Custom Lenses.

StingRay Optics has always strived to support those looking for unique, manufactureable and cost effective solutions for their imaging requirements. Since our inception in 2005, StingRay has been in the business of developing custom optical assemblies. We have encountered requests for all areas of the optical spectrum. Some of those requests include two color, broadband, and multi-spectral systems in addition to the more traditional waveband regions. Our customers have ranged over a broad number of fields and applications from laboratory, ground based, airborne, UAV and space based environments. The 10+ years of experience has also lent itself to an impressive catalogue of previously engineered systems from which we’re able to offer informed budgetary and performance estimates. Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Jennifer Myers, and our Sales Engineer, JJ Conboy are happy to offer support on any inquiries relative to custom developments. They can be reached at and, respectively.

COTS Lenses.

StingRay also boasts a full line of high-performance standard product offerings designed for use with commercially available camera technologies and formats. Those product families support current SWIR, MWIR, and cooled-LWIR as well as broadband sensors. Our SuperBandTM series, for instance, is corrected and optimized for use from 0.72-5.0µm simultaneously and our new GhostSight series is similarly corrected from ~0.4-1.7µm. We’ve found that a COTs lens can often be the perfect blend of availability and technical merit for proof of concept and feasibility efforts. In that vein and leveraging our custom development experience, the standard product department has also realized a good deal of success responding to inquiries for modified versions of the COTS lenses to better suit your applications. Our Standard Product and Marketing Communications Specialist, Sam Wyman, and Inside Sales Representative, Kayla Clark, handle all inquiries involving COTS and modified COTS lenses. They can be reached at and


Finally and most recently, StingRay launched our Product Support Department. The department responds directly to customer inquiries involving existing optical hardware. Those opportunities have ranged the gamut from repair/refurbishment or added functionalities like motorization or NUC shutters to performance characterization on our optical bench and even optical/mechanical modifications. We rely directly on our experience as developers of custom optical systems to offer those services to StingRay and non-StingRay equipment alike as we recognize the inherent value of extending the useful life of your existing equipment. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us for assistance as it relates to aftermarket product support.