what is flocculation

flocculation making clean water.


Flocculation is used in water treatment to separate and remove dangerous sediment from waste water. floc which float on the top of the water, is scraped off using mechanical bars.


-cost of chemicals (flocculation happens in the mid part of water treatment).

-flocculation usually takes a day or so. some flocs sink to the bottom.

whats wrong with flocculation

although flocculation is good because it removes "bad stuff" from the water you do have to take into consideration that it is very costly. that's why it happens at a water treatment plant because it is highly unlikely that you will do flocculation at your house.

effects of the tech on water/effects of the tech on environment.

-helps clean the water and its part of the water and it is a part of the purifaction process.

-balances out particles that effect clean water.

-removes "bad stuff" from getting in water

so its safe to say the long term effects are to help clean water.

effects on humans...

ensures a clean water supply which is a necessity for all forms of life.

interesting facs

helps prevent disease from contaminated water

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