information on fraud

buying online

whenever you buy something online don't use your debit card as it can be more easily stolen.

make sure the website you are buying off of is secure.

buying used cars

when buying a used car make sure you completely go over the car and meet in person before you send money to the seller.

Also be aware of the fact that some purchases don't exist.


make sure you dispose of your mail properly to keep criminals from stealing your identity

Stolen Card

if you purse or wallet is stolen make sure you cancel all of your cards immediately

Passwords and Pins

make sure your password and pin isn't something someone can guess rather easily


make sure you update your spyware protection regularly to prevent our information from being hacked

Tax Scams

make claims that a person may be exempt from paying taxes


People pretending to be a bank and asking for personal information to prevent this make sure you don't give out any information over the computer

buying things online

make sure the thing you are buying actually exists and isn't just going to be an empty box

investment scams

make sure the company your investing in is an actual company and isn't tanking