Elliot Schrefer


This book is about a girl named Sophie that buys a baby bonobo illegally so she can save it. She brings it home to her mom and has to care for it at the bonobo sanctuary. She names the bonobo Otto. Otto is very sick and isn't drinking or going to the bathroom. Sophie finally gets Otto to drink some soda. One night when she was staying at the sanctuary some rebellions took over the sanctuary and Sophie and all the bonobos had to escape.

Throughout the book Otto and Sophie are running and trying to stay alive, stay away from the combatants, and find her mother. When she comes across a guy he offers for to stay, she does for a while. When she is leaving she shows the man a manioc field and the guy gives her a motorized bike. She uses the bike to move faster and get to her mom. DA Da daaaaaaaaaaah!


The setting is in the crowded city of Congo or in the woods running from combatants.

Eliot Schrefer

  • He started writing fiction in 2003
  • Endangered is his newest book
  • In his free time he is in Congo with bonobos