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Adult Education and Apprenticeship

Are you an adult interested in continuing your education? CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program offers +100 in-person and online classes. Scholarships are available. Keep in touch with this program to learn more:

Director's Message

Happy Holidays!

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

It is hard to believe that the end of 2022 is upon us! We have been enjoying the festive season with a holiday spirit week. It has been a joy to see our students having fun! The classroom door decorations were amazing!

As our students near the halfway point, it is important to help them stay focused on their goals. We are nearing crunch time for state certification exams. Please encourage your students to come to school daily. Being here is half the battle! The certification they earn is a gateway to a fulfilling career that will open many doors.

I want to send a special “thank you” to the Emergency Food Network. They were wonderful partners and donated bags of non-perishable food bags for our families over Winter Break. If you know anyone in need of assistance accessing food, please direct them to the Emergency Food Network at 900 Harris Street in Charlottesville or they can call (434) 979-9180. They are happy to help!

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope everyone enjoys family, festivities, and has lots of fun. We will look forward to welcoming our students back in 2023! We are wishing everyone happy holidays and a happy new year!


Stephanie Carter

Schoolwide Information

Calendar Dates

January 3- Classes resume

January 16- No school, MLK Jr. Day

January 17- CATEC Board Meeting, 6 pm

January 2- End of Quarter 2

January 23-24- No school, Teacher Workdays

Welcome Our New School Counselor

In December we welcomed an additional School Counselor to our staff. Erin English has joined the CATEC staff to support student needs on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Ms. Wilson is not in the building. Students and families can reach Ms. English at 434-973-4461 ext.69115 or

Around the Building

We have lots of fun around the building in December, from holiday music, to dress up days, to door decorating competitions! This year programs also raised money for the Emergency Food Network, with Cosmetology and Culinary Arts students raising the most money.

CATEC Students are Professional: Workplace Readiness

CATEC values making sure students graduate with the technical skills and workplace skills necessary for entering the workforce. CATEC has implemented a "CATEC Students Are Professional" mantra to ensure students understand what it takes to be successful in our building and in the workforce. Students are expected to act in accordance with industry standards and practice the 22 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth.

In November, students practiced skills related to conflict resolution. Additionally, students participate in monthly Career Development sessions where they practice skills needed to get jobs and keep them to create a lasting career.

CATEC Academics

CATEC offers academic courses that are both embedded in trade curricula and offered as stand-alone courses. Taking trade and academic courses at CATEC allows students more flexibility with their scheduling as well as learning class materials in authentic ways.

English 11 & English 12: Megan Panek

Students are currently wrapping up the biography research assignments and sharing their biographies with one another. The goal was to learn about inspirational individuals who overcame obstacles to do great things. They wrote about everyone from Joan of Arc to Vincent Van Gogh to Sojourner Truth! In January we will be starting a book club unit and reading and discussing our chosen books/audiobooks.

US Government and English 12: David Topper and Megan Panek

Leading up to the winter break, classes were engaged in a unit studying Mass Incarceration in the United States. Students researched the subject and were asked to determine if they believed it was a problem and then to hypothesize a potential solution focusing on either prevention or reform. They participated in and led amazing discussions in the classroom and the unit wrapped up with a project focused on their proposed solution, supporting evidence and how they would defend it.

Economics and Personal Finance: David Topper

Leading up to the winter break, class was immersed in conversations and lessons regarding CREDIT. Did you know the average Virginian carries $6,969 in credit card debt? In class we researched questions like: “What is Credit?” “How do Credit Cards work?” “What is a credit score and what activities can negatively and positively impact it?” When students return in 2023, they will continue the credit conversation looking at payday loans, personal loans and auto loans.

Geometry: John Baran

Geometry students in Carpentry have successfully completed their NCCER CORE modules. In the shop, they are building firewood covers, where they learned about parallel lines and transversal angle-pair relationships.

AFDA: John Baran

AFDA students are almost through with a basic geometric concepts unit. They have taken their angles assessment and upon returning from winter break, they will reengage with surface area and volume. The project assessment for that part of the unit will focus on efficiency in packaging of products.

Profile of a CATEC Student

Each month, we introduce you to two current CATEC students. Here at CATEC, we know our student body is diverse and interesting and we want to share their stories with our community.

Rudy Garrett, Veterinary Science

Rudy Garret, a Monticello 11th grader, has known for years that he loves working with animals. He decided to take CATEC's Veterinary Science class because he wants to become a veterinarian. Upon graduation from high school he hopes to attend a 4-year university to study pre-vet or wildlife biology. In his spare time, he likes to read, play baseball, and travel. His family travels aboard often, with his favorite trip being to Africa.

Bex Adams, Culinary Arts

Bex Adams is a 12th grader at Western Albemarle High School who loves baking. She decided to take CATE's Culinary Arts program because she wants to sharpen her baking skills to one day own a bakery. She loves baking cupcakes and cakes. Her favorite thing to do so far in Culinary Arts is make from-scratch marshmallows, taking the lead on teaching her classmates a skill she's worked to prefect at home. After graduation she hopes to return to CATEC for Culinary Arts 2 while working in a bakery. She enjoys reading fantasy books and cookbooks. Her English 12 research project this year is focusing on the chemistry of baking.

Meet the Program


CATEC’s Automotive Body Technology program introduces students to the growing auto body industry. Students examine aspects of the industry, including planning, management, technical, and production skills. They prepare for non-structural analysis and damage repair, repair body panels and movable glass and hardware, and practice metal welding and cutting. Students work with a variety of materials to operate equipment, apply paint, and identify paint defects, causes, and cures. Additionally, students practice shop safety and gain workplace skills experience in preparation for entering the industry.

This year, morning students have the opportunity to switch with Automotive Service Technology students at the end of the first semester. This way, both automotive classes will have experiences learning about the external and interior aspects of the vehicle.

Industry Certifications

Automotive Body Technology students take I-CAR Professional Development Program classes throughout the school year, earning industry credentials as they learn. Students can earn up to 37 certifications, making students more marketable when beginning their careers. Students build their knowledge as well as their resumes. Students are required to earn 14 of these credentials. I-CAR is an international not-for-profit organization focused on providing information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs. CATEC is now a Fixed Training Site for I-CAR, as well. Additionally, students can receive four Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications. ASE industry testing is specially designed to evaluate and certify students who are studying in the automotive service industry.

Donations that Support Student Learning

The program has received many important new equipment over the last few years. In 2021, the program was given 5 MIG 220v welders, which will be shared with the CATEC Adult Education program. In the 2020, the program received 3M products ranging from polishers to sanders from The Collision Repair Education Foundation through Inter-Industry Conference on Automotive Collision Repair (I-CAR). In 2019, Charlottesville Automotive donated 3M respirators so students can continue safety precautions while practicing their hands-on learning. The Collision Repair Education Foundation grant program, through I-CAR generously donated thousands of dollars’ worth of 3M supplies to the Automotive Body Technology program in 2019 as well. In 2018, the program received a $4,000 Collision Repair grant to purchase new tools and shop supplies. The program was also awarded a new Induction Glass Blaster from the Collision Repair Grant/Induction Innovation Award. In 2017, the program received an $11,000 Collision Repair grant to buy the class laptops and carts. The program has used the laptops to study their I-CAR curriculum.

Opportunities in Adult Education

CATEC’s Adult Education programs also offer a two-semester Automotive Body Technology course, Introduction to Collision Repair and Surface Preparation and Refinishing. This course is an instructor-led, demonstrator format with student “hands on” participation. Over the course of the two programs, students learn the fundamentals of auto body repair work. The program is offered to adults who want to begin a new career in the automotive industry or who are car hobbyists looking to work on their own vehicles.

Meet the Instructor: Ronald Moore

Mr. Moore is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College and has worked in the Automotive Body Technology industry since 1996. Mr. Moore spent nine years as a technician in the Auto Body Technology profession and has held positions as a body, frame, and paint technician for dealerships, as well as a paint and body fabricator for Ford Motor Company’s Show and Concept Division. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Moore has taught college and high school students about the possibilities of an exciting career in the Automotive Body Technology industry.

Learn More about CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program

CATEC offers Adult Education and Apprenticeship training that covers a range of technical education courses. The career and technical offerings will help lifelong learners: enhance current skills, gain new knowledge for increased job marketability, continue life-long learning, make life more enjoyable, or simply have fun. CATEC provides a positive place for post-secondary learning. Apprenticeship programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and provide employer sponsors and their employees with the required related technical instruction hours needed to satisfy a full Apprenticeship program. Watch a video here.

Get to Know the CATEC Foundation Board

On Tuesday, December 13 members of the CATEF Support Committee gave CATEC faculty and staff Christmas cactus and hand written cards in appreciate for all they do for our students. This committee also serves as the advisory council for the Adult Programs.