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Week of 9/20/2021

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Upcoming Dates

This Week:

9/20: Fire Drill and CUSD App Launches

9/22: Come meet our MFLCs (Michele and Kim)

7:45-8:15 am in front of Village!

9/24: Wear Red, White and Blue each Friday in true Superhero Spirit!

Upcoming Weeks:

9/30 and 10/1: 5th Grade Band Begins for 5th Graders

10/7 and 10/8 Picture Days

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Traffic Safety Alert

Our goal is to keep our students safe on the way to and from school. In order to do this, we ask for your help!

1. Please follow the flow of traffic directionality in the map below.

2. The student drop off zone is only in front of the school in the white painted curb area.

3. Please do not drop off students in the RED zone in front of the 6th street gate.

3. Please obey traffic laws including: driving at appropriate speeds around heavy traffic and polulated school areas, making complete stops and using white loading zones. In addition, please do not make U turns in the middle of the street on H or 6th Ave.

4. Please be kind and patient to our crossing guards. They are trying to help keep everyone safe.

5. Before and after school, please do not congregate in places that block the flow of traffic. We understand space is tight, and appreciate your willingness to help us keep the flow of pedestrian/bike traffic moving as students are trying to enter/exit school.

Thank you for your support and help in addressing our traffic concerns. We will continue to work with CMS and CHS, the District Office, and the Coronado Police Department to brainstorm other ideas that will help keep our students safe.

Crossing Guard Information

  • Our district/school crossing guards in front of 6th and F are only present until 8:10 am. Please arrive at school before then. After 8:10 am, our crossing guards head into school to support students.
  • The crossing guard at 6th and H is provided by contract through the Coronado Police Department, and they stay until 8:15am daily.
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Don't forget to label your child's belongings with First and Last Name and Room Number

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Fire Drill Information for Parents

Its that time of the month where we will be practicing our fire drill so that we will be ready in case of an emergency. We take great care in practicing our drills. Below are resources that can help you speak to your student about the drill that will take place at 1:30 pm on Monday, September 20th.





Fire / Evacuation Drill Procedure

  1. The alarm rings.
  2. Direct students to calmly and silently line up in a single file line.
  3. Evacuate silently using assigned route or alternate route if necessary.
  4. Meet at the playground (at assigned position) or other designated location (football field, in the event the playground puts staff and students in danger). Direct students to be seated.
  5. Use roster to take attendance. (Administration will verify that students are present with classroom teachers through the use of the green/red sign and red attendance sheet.)
  6. Hold up the GREEN CARD if all students are present, or hold up the RED CARD if any student is missing. (Campus Security, CPD, and CFD will use the information provided on the red attendance sheet to search for any missing student/s and staff).
  7. Remind students to stay silent.
  8. At the end of the drill, escort students back to class.
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Coronado Schools Foundation: Back to Prom Benefit Auction

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 23rd for the Annual Gala Auction at the beautiful Hotel del Coronado! Click here for more information.

Superhero Tickets

Superhero tickets and prizes are BACK!!!

Students earn superhero tickets throughout the week for being safe, respectful, responsible and kind. They can earn them from any adult on campus who sees them exhibiting superhero behaviors.

Each Monday and Friday, after school, students will be able to bring their tickets in to trade for prizes. If they would like to save up their tickets, they can!

15 tickets=1 prize!

If your student has enough tickets to trade in for a prize, they will be escorted to the office before school lets out to pick a prize!

See below for other options.

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Meet our MFLCs

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NEW Decision Tree Released September 2nd, 2021: Please see below

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