Cantos 8

Wrath and Sullenness


He got in a boat with Phlegyas and the people for sullenness had to lay in the river of slime and sludge and then the people for wrath had to fight each other forever and then they got to the end of the river and on land people were fighting forever

New Characters:



Sin and Punishment

Wrath & Sullenness, For sullenness they have to lay in the river of sludge and slime and then for wrath they have to fight each other forever

"the dead canal, Uprose in front of me one full of mire" It means that they are sad and have to lay in stuff that they feel like

"But with them there he did not linger long,

Ere each within in rivalry ran back." They fight till they get all the anger out

Allegorical Meaning:

Wrathful let anger overtake them and now have to understand what it feels like to have fight forever. Sullen let emotions overtake them and the slime represents how they felt.