Jennifer Roets

November Team Newsletter

Spring 2014 is Live

The Spring 2014 Catalog is now live and just beautiful! I'm so excited about sharing this catalog with my customers. I plan on mailing out a copy to every one of my previous hostesses from the summer. There is an easy way in our BO to filter previous party orders and even retail orders and then export it to Microsoft Excel to get the list:

BO>Order History>Customer Search (Type Drop-Down Box)
Choose the type of customers you'd like to look for and also change the date range in the right-hand corner for specific dates. Once you can view it, click the Excel button just above the results to export it.

Let me know if you need assistance in doing this.

Just remember that any orders placed now will not be shipped until January 3rd or 4th. May be worth hanging on to orders until then. You could potentially add more orders to hit that $600+ Double Hostess Rewards. . . AND conference bucks start January 1st too!!!!

Upcoming Outlet Sale

There is an upcoming outlet sale this week. My Director Shannon Mitchell put some notes on the Team Facebook Page "Forever 31" (this is an awesome group to be a part of. . . very informative about updates and such) about the sale. This pretty much sums up what I was going to comment, so I thought I would just include it here.

Shannon's Comments:
"I wanted to take a minute to send you some helpful tips and pointers….I know for some of you this is your first Outlet Sale!! Outlet sales can be great additional sales and income, and like everything there may come a few small headaches too. The key to a successful outlet sale is preparing yourself and your customers with what to expect. This message is lengthy but does contain some information you may find very helpful.

1) The Outlet sale offers great prices. I always look at the sale, but personally do not shop unless I’m looking for a few items to use as hostess/customer giveaways or prizes. Otherwise, I do not need or really want discontinued product. With Spring right around the corner, the focus should be on getting items in the new catalog that will help our future business.

2) The HO will be sending out emails on your behalf. All contacts need to be updated in your back office no later than Dec. 19th. Please note…. the emails go out in waves, just like our monthly newsletter. Also, email service providers (yahoo, gmail, etc) can bundle the emails they receive and distribute in waves to their users. There is nothing that you or the HO can do to prevent these things. It is a technique to get rid of spam that these providers use. Speaking of spam - it is possible that the HO email will end up in your customers spam folder. The email sent from HO will have all the necessary information regarding the sale, including a link to shop through your website.

3) There will also be a picture on your website for the outlet sale that your customers can click on that will take them directly to the sale.

4) The Outlet Sale is a lot like Black Friday. There are limited quantities of all items and a lot of people who want the items. Just because the item is in the shopping cart does not mean that it has been "claimed". It is not yours until you have checked out and paid for it. What does this mean?? Get in and get out. Find what you want and get checked out quick. I can guarantee that if you fill your shopping cart, leave to go have coffee and come back - many or all of the items in your shopping cart will be gone.

5) You must have a thirty-one website to participate in the outlet sale. This is online shopping - if you do not have an online shop then your customers cannot shop. You can sign up for a website now and turn it off after the sale if you would like. But you have to sign up now - signing up for a website on 12/26 will not work. To sign up, go to your Back Office > Orders > Subscriptions. It is $9.95 – if you get $40 in sales from the outlet and it has paid for itself with your commission.

6) The outlet is powered by Amazon -- essentially this means Thirty-One uses their servers and bandwith. You/your customers are not buying from Amazon. The items still ship from the HO. Therefore, Amazon Prime does not work and customers cannot see their orders in their Amazon accounts. We began using Amazon because our in-house servers could not handle the traffic. Amazon has some of the largest volume in the world for shopping - that being said we have been known to crash Amazon's site and certainly slow it down. It happens - be prepared that it may happen again.

7) The Outlet sale will count for December PV. Yay!!! It will not be entered until the beginning of January, which means you probably won’t know how much sales volume you have until then. It will be processed in time for you to be paid commissions by the January 10th pay out. It will count for Start Swell, Leadership Incentive Trip, etc., but since you won't know until the beginning of January how much you sold you won't know until it is posted how much PV you had. If you’d like to have an idea of how much PV/sales you can expect from the outlet sale, you will need to ask your customers to forward you their receipt once they receive confirmation. During the last outlet sale I did a give-away on my closed FB group…..anyone who shopped and forwarded their receipt to my email was entered into a drawing for a fun, free product.

Some final thoughts and notes on how I have handed outlet sales in the past and will do so again this year:

A few days before the sale (probably on 12/23) I will send an email to all my contacts thru my Back Office., sharing that the outlet sale starts at 6pm EST on Thursday, December 26th. At that time they can go directly to my website and click on the picture from the outlet sale. I will caution them that things will go quickly and that just because it is in their shopping cart does not mean it’s theirs until it is paid for. I will also let them know that there is no embroidery and no returns, and while the sale is powered by Amazon – Amazon Prime cannot be used and orders will not be tracked in their Amazon account.

My outlet sales have grown over the seasons and I have never had any negative complaints or issues with my customers. I fully believe because I prepare my customers and share information, expectations are clear going into the sale. I will not rely on the HO email to notify my customers of the sale. Because the emails are sent out in waves, we just never know when our customers will be notified, if at all. Simply directing them to my website and telling them to click on the outlet sale picture will work every time! I will also post the same email in my private FB group so they information is available in multiple spots.

I hope this helps….and here’s to a great outlet sale for all!!!"

Team News

New Team Member!

I'd like everyone to welcome Melissa Derksen from Alto, Wisconsin to the team. We're so excited to have you and hope you enjoy the journey with Thirty-One!

StartSwell Level 2

Congrats to both Vicki Graham and Beth Maeder for earning this level!

Team Stats

November was an amazing month for our team! Way to go ladies!!!

$1000 Club
Beth Maeder $1772

$500 Club

Diane Barnes $635
Shannon Wild $640
Vicki Graham $727

Jennifer's Stats

Personal Volume $5479
Parties 11

Party Average $498

Team Stats
Total Team Sales $9897

Total Parties 21

Party Average $471