Come Travel the United States

with Mrs. Dunton

The first few miles...

Are you ready to begin the journey of a lifetime?? We are going to be travelling around the United States over then next 5 weeks. Your job will be to research one of our fabulous 50 states. After picking a state, you will visit a variety of websites provided to you, collecting lots of great facts. Some sites will be better for you than others. Be sure to pay attention to your favorite sites, so you can give credit to the authors! Also, some of these sites will prove to be great resources for you to use on future research projects. Lucky You!!
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How do you know?

What makes a website reliable? How do you know if the facts are true? After thinking about this for a few moments, check out this website on the Endangered Tree Octopus and see if this is a reliable source. Ho do you know if it is or is not?

Next, visit the YouTube video below to see how accurate the information is. Can you trust everything that you read and see on the internet? It's on the internet, it MUST be true, right?

Flying Penguins BBC April 1st
Tour the States - Official Music Video

Using the links on my website, start gathering your facts!

Contact me!

If you are browsing this at home and you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail or come see me in the technology lab!