World Geography Final exam review

By: Jake Janik

Review Questions

1. Which event led to the introduction of new foods to Western Europe?

2. In what direction was the huge migration shift in America in the 1800s

3. Provide an example showing how physical geography can effect a country's economic activities?

4. Why was the UN created?

5. After the formation of the EU, why do we see a population shift in Europe?

6. Why is there an African influence on the food customs in the Caribbean?


1. Columbus's voyage to America

2. West

3. Japan, it's an island which helps them trade easily with other countries

4. To promote international cooperation and to have paece and security

5. In search for implement

6. Is was a stoping point for slave trading

More Review Questions

Review Questions

1. What can oil rich nations of the Middle East do to ensure their longtime success economically?

2. What are 2 major reasons that Saudi Arabia is important to many people around the world?

3. The movement of tectonic plates moved the Indian subcontinent up to Asia and created what major landform?

4. Where are most Chinese cities located?

Answers! Again

1. Have more diversity in there economy

2. Oil reserves, and Mecca

3. The Himalayas

4. Near the coast


Stateless Nation:

Is a ethnic, religious, linguistic group that is not the majority population

Population density:

Is a measurement of the population in an area

Plate tectonics:

Outer shell of the earth divided into several plates