Sydney Funnel Web

Sydney Funnel webs may be deadly,but they need your help!

Interesting facts

Did you know that Sydney Funnel webs eat almost every insect?

Did you know that they don't just live in burrows, they also live in trees!

They are really messy eaters to insects.

we humans need to stop killing them!

We are squishing them with out noticing.

We are spraying them with poison for pest control.

Our wood choppers are cutting down their homes which are trees.

Oh the HUMANITY!!!!!!!!

They have been eaten by birds bats and sometimes they eat each other!

They also get eaten, injured or killed by introduced species.

What have we done?!

How the enviornment kills Sydney Funnel webs

They are threatened by bushfires and heavy storms.

Their food source which are insects have been killed by introduced species.


survival stradegies...

.stop chopping down trees.

.look for burrows with webs so there is no stepping on them.

.Do not kill insects other wise there will be no food for the funnel webs.


.See a Sydney Funnel web spider in your home do not kill it. Put it outside

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